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The biography of Anton Bruckner

September 4, 1824 - October 11, 1896
Romantic Period

Anton Bruckner received his first music lessons when he was four years old. By the time he was ten, he was good enough to substitute for his father as church organist. He continued to study music for many, many years, until he was well into his forties. Despite his skill and talent, Bruckner suffered from self-doubt and insecurity and was never quite satisfied with the music he composed. He constantly rewrote his works. In his later years, Bruckner taught at the Vienna Conservatory and was imperial court organist in Vienna.

Bruckner’s most famous works are his nine symphonies. These were not successful during his lifetime, and well-meaning friends convinced him to make several changes in them, which were not always good. Fortunately, Bruckner saved the original versions of many of the compositions, and after his death these were published. These are the versions that are performed today.

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