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The biography of Max Bruch

January 6, 1838 - October 2, 1920
Romantic Period

Max Bruch was born in Cologne, Germany on January 6, 1838. He studied music under Ferdinand Hiller, a friend of Robert Schumann. Bruch was a traditional German Romantic composer. He taught at several music schools around Germany and served as the conductor of the Liverpool Philharmonic Society (1880-83). His famous works include Scottish Fantasy (1880) and Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor (1866), a staple of the Romantic violin concertos. He also wrote a piece based on Hebrew Yom Kippur melodies called Kol Nidrei. During Nazi control in Germany, Bruch's music was banned over public airwaves because they feared he might be a Jew. Records show that Bruch was raised Protestant. He retired in 1910 and died at home in 1920.

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