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Classroom Instruments:
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Finger cymbals Tiny cymbals that are played by putting one on the thumb and the other on the index or middle finger.



A percussion instrument with a set of steel bars arranged like the keyboard of a piano. It is played either with two hammers, or with a piano keyboard.

Maracas A pair of rattles made from hollowed out gourds, containing seeds or dried beans. Maracas are widely used in Latin America.

Metallophone A percussion instrument with a series of metal bars of varying pitch suspended over a resonance box. The instrument is struck with a hammer or mallet.



A woodwind instrument consisting of a wooden tube, at the top of which is a whistle-like mouthpiece. The recoder has a softer tone than the flute, and it is held vertically, not horizontally.

Sandblocks Wooden blocks covered with sandpaper that are rubbed together to make a brushing sound.

Shaker A percussion instrument made of a container filled with beads or seeds which make a rattle sound when shaken.



A percussion instrument consisting of a small wooden hoop with metal disc inserts called jingles. The hoop is covered on one side with a drumhead. It is played by shaking or striking the drumhead with the hand.



A percussion instrument made of a metal bar bent into the shape of a triangle with one corner open. It is held by a string and struck with a metal rod.

Woodblock A percussion instrument that consists of a hollow block of wood, struck with a stick or mallet.



A percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned wooden bars arranged like a piano keyboard, with a hollow tube under each bar. Each bar gives off a different pitch when struck with a mallet.

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