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Below is list of books and videos from Classics For Kids.
We hope you find these useful.
If you purchase any of these items from Amazon.com by following the link provided (where available) a portion of your purchase will go to support Classics for Kids®!

Video Games

Hearing Music
Viva Media
Teaches kids how to listen to music and to identify melody, changes in rhythm and other aspects in pieces by famous composers through games that can be adjusted to the skill level of the player.  

Magic of Music
Fogware Publishing
The Magic of Music is a great 4 CD-Rom collection that lets you learn from many types of music and their culture. You will learn how music has moved us throughout history! 

Music Ace Deluxe
Harmonic Vision
Designed for beginning music students, this game teaches kids the fundamentals of music, including notation, tempo, instruments, intervals and more. There are 36 interactive lessons, each of which is supported by a game that tests skills learned. Also included are a musical composition component and classical music excerpts from the masters. 

Music Ace Starter
Harmonic Vision
12 fun lessons introduce the basics of music theory such as notation, ear training and key signatures. The Music Doodle Pad also allows children to compose their own music.  

Making Music: Create! Play! Experience!
Viva Media
Create and play music with this original game. Add instruments, rhythm, and melody. Hear the piece backwards or learn how it sounds upside down. This game is designed to develop knowledge of all the elements of musical composition. 

Mozart's Magic Flute: The Musical Game
Music Games International
Mozart's music comes alive in this interactive game that includes a biography, riddles, musical trivia, jigsaw puzzles, a dictionary of musical instruments and more. 

Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons: The Musical Game
Music Games International
Alice's magic musical clock is broken. Kids can fix it by winning 12 different musical games. Also included are riddles, brain teasers, a dictionary of musical instruments, biographical information on Vivaldi and a listening room where this composer's music is played. 

Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker: The Musical Game
Music Games International
Kids will enjoy solving musical puzzles, reading about Tchaikovsky and the Nutcracker Suite and solving puzzles with this entertaining, interactive classical music game. Also included is a dictionary of musical instruments. 

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