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George Frederick Handel:
Music by Royalty and Nobility

Handel wrote his Water Music for the King of England. Lots of aristocrats hired composers to write music for them. But some kings and nobles wrote music themselves, including King Henry VIII; Alfonso X; Frederick the Great and others.

Music heard in this episode:
Henry VIII: Rose Without a Thorn
Ivan the Terrible: Kuimi pokhvalienui mi
Alfonso X: Muito Domostrata
Oswald von Wolkenstein: Wes mich mein bül
Frederick the Great: Concerto in G
Archduke Rudolph: Variations in F
Hildegaard von Bingen: O Virga ac Diadema
Wassenaer: Concerto

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About George Frederick Handel
2/23/1685 - 4/14/1759
Born in Germany

Georg Friedrich Händel was born in Halle, Germany. But since he spent most of his professional life in England, he's better known as George Frederick Handel.

Even though Handel was very interested in music, his father (who was a barber and surgeon) was not. There's a story that Handel smuggled a clavichord -- a VERY quiet instrument -- into the house so that he could practice in secret. Handel's father insisted that his son become a lawyer, until the day that Handel sat down at the keyboard and dazzled a duke. The duke convinced Handel's father to let his son study music.

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This Week's Quiz:

1. Handel's Water Music was written for

the King of England

a duke in Germany

a French count

a Spanish nobleman

2.What instrument did Frederick the Great of Prussia play?





3. Hildegard von Bingen wrote music but was also a






George Frederick Handel
“Hornpipe” from Water Music

Composed in 1717
Performed by Capella Istropolitana
Bohdan Warchal, conductor

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