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Dmitri Kabalevsky:
The Comedians Suite

After Dmitri Kabalevsky wrote music for a play called The Inventor and the Comedians, he put selections from that music into a concert suite called The Comedians. Listen to what's going on in that suite.

Music heard in this episode:
Kabalevsky: The Comedians Suite

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About Dmitri Kabalevsky
12/30/1904 - 2/14/1987
Born in Russia

Dmitri Kabalevsky was born in St. Petersburg, which was then the capital of Russia. He started playing the piano by ear when he was six. In 1918, after the Russian Revolution, the family moved to Moscow, where Dmitri finally started studying music -- including composition.

Kabalevsky lived in a difficult time and place for a composer. In the Soviet Union, the government told artists -- painters, writers, composers, you name it -- exactly what they were expected to create, and how it should look or sound. Kabalevsky managed to make the authorities happy as he continued to compose.

Kabalevsky wrote a lot of piano music, including pieces for children. He really enjoyed writing for children. Other Kabalevsky compositions include songs for children's chorus, and a set of songs for solo voice based on some wonderful Russian translations of Mother Goose rhymes. Of course, Kabalevsky also wrote plenty of adult pieces, including symphonies, concertos, and music for the theater.

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This Week's Quiz:

1. The word xylophone comes from what language?





2.Which is NOT a part of The Comedians Suite?





3. A musical suite is a collection of pieces from an opera, ballet or play rearranged for concert performance.




Dmitri Kabalevsky
"Galop" from The Comedians

Composed in 1940
Performed by Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
Kenneth Jean, conductor

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