Get Classics for Kids® for Your Radio Station

Engage your listeners in the mission of introducing a new generation of listeners to classical music with Classics for Kids®, a dynamic, entertaining, and accessible introduction to classical music for kids -- that adults love too.

Classics for Kids'® unique combination of radio program, interactive website and lesson planning materials creates a synergy of quality broadcasting, community service and public radio mission that positions you as a community leader.

Become involved in the education of the children in your community while entertaining, informing and building your classical music audience. Your audience loves to learn, and Classics for Kids® introduces classical music in a fun, enjoyable way. Listeners also want to pass along their knowledge and love of music to the ones they love. Parents and grandparents appreciate that the program is available to their children. This translates into listener loyalty as well as increased membership, corporate and foundation support for your station.

Past Classics for Kids® Programs
Every week, classical music's great composers come to life as host Naomi Lewin tells their stories in an engaging and entertaining way - placing the music on the center stage for all to enjoy. Each month, a different musician is highlighted. Topics may include the composer's life, a trip through the music and its instrumentation, an explanation of musical form, the story behind the piece or interesting connections between composers. These 6-minute, weekly modules can easily be inserted into news and music programming.

There is more to the Classics for Kids® program than just the radio broadcasts. The program's interactive website -- -- sparks the interest and imagination of children and involves them directly in music. Children play online multimedia games, read biographies of famous composers, enjoy monthly activity sheets, consult an interactive music dictionary and listen to classical music excerpts. Teachers will appreciate the free curriculum materials for grades K-8 and parents will benefit from resources designed especially for them. can be branded to your station and made accessible through your station website, helping to drive new traffic to your website while involving the station in significant service to the educational community

Materials and expertise, including customized on-air announcements, CDs and promotional pieces, are available to assist with your program promotion and fundraising strategies.

Program Descriptions:

  1. Radio Program
  2. Educational Outreach

Naomi Lewin, Host:

Promotion and Fundraising Tools:

Classics for Kids® is a production of WGUC 90.9 FM, Cincinnati.

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